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NEMM Sankrant 2018

After a successful year of bringing you  रंगीबेरंगी कार्यक्रम,

we are ready to kick start 2018 ‘NEMM’s 40th Anniversary Year with yet another melodious program


मराठी काव्य-गीतांची मैफ़िल

Presented by the finest artists of New England including  

Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2011 finalist नेहा वर्मा

And Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Winners सागर तायडे आणि शैलेश सलगर


  सूर-कविता a program showcasing abhang, bhavgeet to ever beautiful marathi poems by Kusumagraj,, Vasant Bapat, Shanta Shelke and many more...along with ‘गप्पा गोष्टी’ about poets, their perception about poems and stories which make these poems even more interesting and memorable.





Shailesh Salgar - A very talented singer artist in New England Area and  2017 Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Winner

Sujat Sukhtankar - A great musician with magical fingers. He has been accompanying on Tabla for many classical and non-classical programs.

Sujit Phanase - An amazing flutist and tabla player. We call him हरहुन्नरी कलाकार- who can sing / compose and accompany on his instruments. Sujit also plays for various bands.

Shilpa Nikte - The popular play by Ratnakar Matkari - चार दिवस प्रेमाचे was being co-directed by Shilpa in 2014 which received great appreciation from the audience.

 And stay tuned to learn about complete artist line up…..

Along with

Bornahan for kids (0-5) @3.30pm  

Haldi-Kunku and Vaan

Anand Mela


Where: Marshal Middle School, Billerica, MA

When: January 20th, 2018 @3 pm


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2018 Programs Calendar

Thank yo so much for attending 2017 programs with a great enthusiasm!

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