NEMM Announcements

Thank you!


We would like extend our gratitude to all the people who supported in running the "Maharashtra Din" show successfully. Without our volunteer's help, it would have been impossible to conduct such a big event.


We are grateful to your support which we received in every stage and every part of event management which shows NEMM is a tightly integrated community and helps each other and celebrates with each other! NEMM Committee is proud of you all!


A special thanks to all the attendees who celebrated the first ever Marathi Concert in Boston by popular artists. We are delighted to see such a great response and wish to see you every time in future NEMM events.


Please visit this article featuring NEMM in Lokvani - Click Here


Let's us continue the saga!


See you soon in Summer Picnic/Field Day, a full package of sports, fun, and food for family!

More details following soon. Keep an eye on our website and in your inbox!

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