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Ganesh Utsav Community program 2017

Namaskar Mandali,

Hope you enjoyed our Gudhi Padva event and the play ‘Teen Payanchi Sharyat’. 

We at NEMM are very thankful to our members and volunteers for their affection and support. 

As announced earlier, our next event will be Ganesh Utsav community program in September. This is a celebration of our community and encouragement of local talent. Are you ready to show your talent? 

To participate in the program please follow the criteria below:

  • Most important, all participants should be valid members of NEMM
  • No individual emails and messages please to any committee member to participate in the program. Everybody should sign up through the form
  • Max. availability for all practices

In order to maintain quality and integrity of the program, all participation requests will be screened. Based on availability/requirement, auditions may be arranged.

We will be taking sign- ups for adults and kids separately. 

Please use links below:

For kids:

For adults:


Please sign-up by Friday, May 19, 2017 





2017 BMM Scholarship Awards

BMM is excited to continue the ‘Scholarship Awards’ - an initiative started in 2015. The awards are targeted for BMM youth members. The primary goal is to recognize and encourage our Marathi youth members for their contributions, potential, and active engagement in Marathi Mandals. This will nurture Marathi youth’s identity as the next pan- Marathi generation.

BMM will award a total up to five (5) scholarships (around $1,000 per recipient) at the time of the 2017 Convention. BMM could solicit donors to provide funds for the scholarship project.

Eligibility & Requirements:

Any student entering a four-year degree college or an accredited two-year community college or is currently in the first year of their college education is eligible to win this award. The nominee will need to have an excellent academic record and extra-curricular activities, including engagement in actively preserving their sense of Marathi culture, identity, and heritage.

Scholarships will be awarded based upon:

a) Letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment to a year degree college;

b) Latest transcripts of first-term of the senior year of the high school or college documenting GPA

c) Evidence of the standardized test scores (SAT and/or ACT)

d) A Personal Statement

e) An essay or video presentation*

f) A recommendation from two members of the local BMM registered Marathi Mandal

g) Endorsement from the President of the local BMM registered Marathi Mandal that the applicant or the parents/guardians of the applicant are members of for the current year


*The presentation of essay or video topic should describe the applicant’s work on ‘Engaging youth in the preservation of Marathi culture through language, art, traditions’ OR Applicant’s ideas and insights in growing the participation and involvement of younger generation within the activities of Maharashtra Mandals or BMM



• Applications and the supporting documents can be submitted by April 30, 2017 to Dr. Ajay Houde (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

(Note: The original Apr 15 deadline has been extended by two weeks based on the feedback.)

• BMM will announce the scholarship decisions to all participants in late May or early June 2017

• BMM will publish information through BMM Vrutta, BMM email updates, BMM Facebook page

• The Scholarship awards will be presented at the BMM 2017 Convention


BMM Scholarship Selection Committee:

• BMM President will nominate three independent community members to serve on the committee. The three-person committee could be comprised of:

o Any individual who has actively served the BMM organization either current or in the previous years

o Any individual from the BMM community who is a subject matter expert (Faculty or Administrative member in a Higher Education institution)

o A Marathi youth, who is or was active in the local Mandal or BMM, and is a working professional with a graduate degree or working towards completing the post-graduation from an accredited university.

• BMM Executive Committee member can assist the review committee as requested.

• Review Committee will present its recommendation to BMM President, who will make the final decisions in consultation with BMM Scholarship Award team.

For any questions, you may reach out to Dr. Ajay Houde (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 678-357-3812).

Thank you for your interest and support to this BMM initiative.

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