General Guidelines for NEMM Day of Service Volunteers


Thank you for your interest and support to NEMM's Day of Service event! The following policies were created to maintain the safety and well-being of NEMM's mission, staff and volunteers. Please read them carefully before signing the Volunteer Application Form.

NEMM commits to:

-          Providing adequate information, and assistance to volunteers in order to meet the responsibilities of their volunteering task

-          Ensuring supervisory aid to volunteers and providing feedback on volunteer activity

-          Respecting the skills, dignity and individual needs of all volunteers

-          Being receptive of volunteer feedback regarding ways in which we might mutually better accomplish our respective tasks

-          Treating volunteers as partners, jointly responsible for carrying out our NEMM mission


Your safety is very important to us. Please:

-          Wear the provided safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, dust, masks and ear protection as needed

-          Wear appropriate clothing for your task, including closed-toe shoes in any work area

-          Utilize proper lifting techniques

-          Maintain personal hygiene

-          Report any unsafe conditions to staff member or Team Captain

-          Report any injury to a staff member / Team Captain right away

-          Each kid under 16years old must be supervised by accompanying adult

Please don't:

-          Bring food or open beverage containers into the work areas

-          Block access to fire extinguishers or circuit breaker boxes

-          Lift more than is safe for you


-          Everyone must be treated with respect in order to be a safe and comfortable environment for all volunteers and staff

-          Team Captain will brief you about rules and guidelines about the visiting organization. Respect and follow their rules.


-          Volunteers must complete & sign the Volunteer Application

-          Volunteers must follow sign-in and sign-up procedures

-          Volunteers must take care of their belonging. Please leave your valuables at home.

-          Organizations count on NEMM volunteers! Please let us know if you are going to be absent or late.

-          We also encourage you to take a 15 minute break in every 2hrs of work

-          Please make sure to clean up after yourselves in public areas

-          Volunteers under the age of 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult

Alcohol, Drug, Smoking and Weapon Policy:

-          Any volunteer under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave for the day

-          Smoking is not permitted in work area

-          Volunteers are also prohibited from working under the influence of any prescription drugs that may impair the ability to work in a safe and effective manner.

-          No weapons allowed


-          Each locations has their parking locations and policy. Make yourself aware of the rules. Check with Team Captain for carpooling options.

Discipline Procedures:

-          Any violation of NEMM policy by a volunteer will result in a review of the policy being violated.

-          NEMM reserves the right to ask volunteer to leave the place at any time if necessary to ensure the mental and physical safety of volunteers and staff.


Happy volunteering!